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KAMPOT, cambodia



10°36′N 104°10′E


Ethically sourced  from a cooperative of over one hundred small scale pepper farms.

Cambodia's Kampot Pepper is regarded as the King of Peppers due to its complex flavours and pungent aroma. For this reason it is highly sought after by world class chefs and food connoisseurs. It was considered an essential spice in any respectable restaurant in France during the mid 20th century but faded from the world market due to the actions of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Between the sea and the mountains on Cambodia's south eastern coastline, Kampot’s pepper plantations thrive in ideal growing conditions. Rich minerals in the soil, abundant rainfall and sunshine, as well as the farmers’ traditional cultivation methods combine to produce the inimitable Kampot Pepper.

Family farms still cultivate utilizing manual and organic techniques, respecting the natural environment and the quality of their vines.


traditional, local small scale farming



hand sorting and processing


Kadode Kampot pepper is proudly and sustainably grown and harvested in Kampot, Cambodia.



Kadode Kampot Pepper helps Cambodian pepper farmers and their families to rise above Cambodia's endemic poverty.

Our pepper is fairly sourced through FARMLINK Cambodia. FARMLINK is a Cambodian-registered company dedicated to the development of regional agricultural business. Their mission is to build the link between Kampot's farmers and international buyers and purveyors.

Taking advantage of Kampot's reputation for exquisite pepper, major companies are investing widely in Cambodia trying to provoke a switch from local family farms to large scale pepper production and mechanical pepper processing.  In this switch local farming expertise is being abandoned, significantly lowering potential earnings for local farm workers. Quality suffers when the bottom-line is the only measure of success.


By contrast, FARMLINK works hand in hand  with Cambodian farmers to help them reach financial sustainability through increasing production while maintaining traditional farming methods.

It is essential for FARMLINK to guarantee farmers receive a fair and equitable income in order to preserve their amazing farming skills, and in doing so bringing out the best in their pepper vines.

FARMLINK enjoys a partnership with over 120 local farmers in Kampot. All those farmers have small plantations locally referred to as ‘pepper gardens’. They work as a community, all helping one another during the planting and harvesting seasons




FARMLINK  collect and process the raw product from farm to export, ensuring the highest standards of cleaning, sorting grading and packing.

These processing systems guarantee that KADODĒ products not only attain but surpass international food safety standards required for overseas markets.



To preserve the unique taste of Kampot pepper, the use of mechanical sterilisation has been rejected in favour of more natural refining methods. The pepper is traditionally sun-dryed on specially constructed nets, and all the sorting and grading is done by hand ensuring only the very best corns make it past  quality control checks.