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Cindy’s prawn & pineapple curry

This is a classic Nyonya curry dish, brilliantly showcasing the classic Malaysian “Rempah” aromatic paste. Fish can be used as a choice of seafood. 


  • 2 tbsp Spice Oddity Cindy’s Malay Curry Powder, made into a paste with a little water

  • 1kg prawns (medium size) – de-shelled and cleaned

  • 500g ripe sweet pineapple, cut into triangles

  • 500ml water

  • 3 pieces dried tamarind

  • 5 kaffir lime leaves

  • 350ml coconut milk

  • 2 to 3 tsp salt, to taste

  • 3 tbsp sugar

  • 2 tbsp lime juice (to balance the taste)

Ingredients - rempah (aromatic spice paste)

  • 2½ tsp belacan, toasted

  • 3cm fresh galangal, sliced finely

  • 4 stalks fresh lemongrass (white part only), sliced finely

  • 330g brown onions or shallot

  • 3 large garlic cloves, peeled and halved

  • 5 candlenuts or macadamia nuts

  • Vegetable oil


1/ Mix all rempah ingredients in a food processor or blender until it turn to a fine paste.

2/ Heat some oil and add the blended rempah to the wok or saucepan on medium heat, cooked until caramelised and fragrant.

3/ Add in the curry paste and keep stirring until the rempah turns a darker red and the oil begin to separate from the rest of the mixture.

4/ Add pineapple, water, tamarind, kaffir lime leaves and bring to boil.  

5/ Reduce heat to simmer for another 10 minutes. 

6/ Add coconut milk, salt and sugar and bring to boil.

7/Add prawns at very end to cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until cooked through.

8/ Season to taste with salt, sugar and/or lime juice to balance flavours.

9/ Serve with steamed jasmine rice and wedges of cucumber at the side in case your lips need cooling.