Kadodé Kampot Pepper - White

Kadodé Kampot Pepper - White

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When the pepper berry is fully mature it turns bright red on the vine. It’s then hand harvested to produce not only red but white pepper. The white core is then extracted and sun dried. Kadode white pepper is both unique and of the highest quality, not to be confused with the ordinary white pepper produced elsewhere in the world by the mechanical processing of black pepper. One of the rarer peppers.

Aroma + Palate

Kadode Kampot White Pepper has a clean, peppery aroma and a smooth flavour. Its lasting heat builds slowly, carrying notes of fresh cut grass and lime.

Pepper partners

A must with fish, particularly shellfish. Elevate your oysters, mussels and other fruits de mer with a grind of this unique accompaniment. Also superb in dipping sauces when accompanied by citrus juice, salt and palm sugar. And it’s a subtle accompaniment to salads and a multitude of vegetable dishes. A pepper like no other.

All Kadode Kampot White Pepper is 100% traceable to the farm and farmer who produced it by simply entering its alphanumeric code on the Farmlink ‘Find Your Farmer’ page.

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